What narratives can we tell of ourselves just as humans, beyond categories of race, religion and nation? Here are some books which I thought were particularly good and some which I still hope to get to. Feel free to add any others in the comments.

World History

E. H. Gombrich, 1935, A Little History of the World
Jared Diamond, 1997, Guns, Germs and Steel
McNeill & McNeill, 2003, The Human Web
Ian Morris, 2010, Why the West Rules – For Now
Yuval Harari, 2014, Sapiens
Peter Frankopan, 2015, The Silk RoadsA New History of the World

Early Human History

Joseph Campbell, 1959, Primitive Mythology
Merlin Donald, 1991, Origins of the Modern Mind
Richard Klein, 2002, The Dawn of Human Culture
Steven Mithen, 2003, After the Ice: A Global Human History 20,000 – 5,000 BC
Karen Armstrong, 2005, A Short History of Myth
Michael Tomasello, 2014, A Natural History of Human Thinking

Axial Age

Karl Jaspers, 1962, The Great Philosophers
Joseph Campbell, 1962, Oriential Mythology
Joseph Campbell, 1964, Occidental Mythology
Karen Armstrong, 2007, The Great Transformation
Robert Bellah, 2011, Religion in Human Evolution
Bellah and Joas, 2012, eds. The Axial Age and its Consequences

Global Philosophy

Randall Collins, 1998, The Sociology of Philosophies
Ben-Ami Scharfstein, 1998, A Comparative History of World Philosophy
Jonardon Ganeri, 2011, The Lost Age of Reason: Philosophy in Early Modern India
Peter K Park, 2014, Africa, Asia and the History of Philosophy
Justin E.H. Smith, 2016, The Philosopher: A History in Six Types
Bryan Van Norden, 2017, Taking Back Philosophy: A Multicultural Manifesto