The Three Paths

In each moment there are three paths in front of us.

The familiar path is what we are used to. We know its ups and downs, its reliefs and pitfalls, its openings and dead ends. We know we can walk down this path, that it is available to us.

The covetous path is what we day dream about. What we wish, hope, crave would happen. We are unsure if it will happen and most of the time even are certain it won’t happen. But we long for it as what we wish would happen, and what should happen if only the world were better. More just. More fair. More rational. If only the world were different.

The mindful path is what opens up in between the familiar and what we covet. In between the lull of what we know we can do and grasping for what we wish we could do, there is a force which pulls us up with a serene energy. In which there isn’t the resignation of the familiar nor the thirst for the unfamiliar. In which the familiar becomes mysterious and translucent.

The familiar feels boring. The covetous feels exciting. The mindful turns the boring into the exciting.

The familiar is content with what we can have. The covetous longs for what is out of reach. The mindful opens up what is overlooked in what we have.

We are resigned to the familiar. We long for the coveted. We are at peace in the mindful.

The familiar is here. The coveted is there. The mindful is everywhere.

The familiar feels safe and stagnant. The coveted feels powerful and in motion. The mindful feels inspiring without movement.

The familiar changes little. The coveted changes a lot. The mindful changes our vision of change.

The familiar says, “I wish there were more to life, but for me this is my lot.”

The coveted says, “There is so much more to life, if only I weren’t dragged down by the world.”

The mindful says, “I am the cutting edge of the world, the tip of the breaking wave, unhindered and unhinderable.”

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