I Choose You

Dear God, I choose you.

I choose you over fear. Over pain. Over anxiety.

I choose you over knowledge. Over understanding with my thoughts. Over what I can prove to myself or to others.

Loving God, who walks with me every day and every night, I choose you.

I choose you over social prestige. Over thoughts of what I have and don’t have. Over how I compare to others. Over what feel I am owed and what I feel I deserve.

I choose your over my regrets. Over my thoughts of the past. Over what could have been. Over self blame of why I didn’t act differently. Over living in the past. Over feeling as if my future is closed because I messed up my past.

I choose you in the present. In the ever flowing, illuminating, caring, loving embrace of your present.

I choose you. Your love for me. Your care for me. Your nurturing of me. Your protecting me infinitely more than I feel with all my heart to protect my daughter and give her all that is good.

I choose your love and protection of my daughter, just as you do with all your creatures. All your children.

Beautiful, loving, transcendent God, I choose you. Over and over, I choose you.

I choose you over the future. Over the dreams and hopes and fantasies of my mind. Of scenarios my mind tells me have to happen for my life to have meaning. As if anything other than you can give my life meaning.

I choose you and the meaning you give my life. The beauty, the depth, the majesty of your love. I choose being mystified by the light of your love and wisdom and knowledge.

I choose you over me fighting you. I choose me choosing you. I choose the me who loves you more than anything and who you created me to become.

I choose you. Every minute. I choose the meditation, the yoga, the prayer, the reflection, the inquiry of submitting to your cosmic awareness.

I choose you, God, because you choose me without hesitation every time. Even when I feel unable to see that.

I choose you, my God, my all, my Savior.

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